<![CDATA[GEEK GIRLS, INC. - Advice]]>Sun, 10 Jan 2016 22:25:04 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Dear Geek Girls, Inc.]]>Mon, 21 Dec 2015 14:46:03 GMThttp://www.geekgirlsinc.com/advice/dear-geek-girls-inc2My question is for Dungeon Dame, love your articles btw, when does the Steam Christmas Sale usually start?

Some of the games I want are on sale now but my friends are telling me to not get them now and wait for the sale, is it likely these same games will still be on sale then and what's so special about their big sale times?


Dear g8m3rg1rl,

Great timing on your question, since the semi-annual Steam Sale is about to start tomorrow! Steam usually has their deepest discounts in late December and late June, so if you want to buy a game around these time periods, it’s usually best to wait until The Big Sale to score the best deals. This is why having a wishlist is so handy!
If a game is already on sale, check the discount. If it’s 50% or more, you’re probably safe to go head and get it now. Although it could always get cheaper during the sale, that’s most likely the lowest it’s going to go.

​However, if it’s 10% off? It’s almost definitely going to get a bigger discount during the sale, so hold on!
Rumor has it that this is the first sale where all the discounts will be the same for the duration of the sale. For Steam Sale veterans, this means that you won’t have to check for daily deals all week. Although this diminishes some of the fun, I’m looking forward to be able to search the entire steam library for steals right from day one (hopefully)!

Remember, it’s not just the promoted games that go on sale; almost everything is at the lowest price of the year.

If a game you really want hasn’t gone on sale (gasp!) I’d wait it out. I’ve seen games I’ve wanted finally get a discount after a few days have gone by. It pays to keep checking, and the worst that could happen is that you buy it for full price anyway after the sale. 

Even though it seems that this sale is playing by some different rules, I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of game/event going on as well. No details yet, of course, but I’m sure they’ll find some way to get people returning to the site over and over. The sale “trading cards” are already out, so I’m sure there’s some sort of bonus attached to them.

The time to budget is now, so go ahead and fill up your steam wallet. One more word of advice - only buy games that you’re excited to play now. It’s easy to get excited and buy all of the games, but unless you’re really, really going to play it, I’d wait. I’d tell you how many games I haven’t played yet that I bought during the summer sale, but I’m far too ashamed. Have I learned my lesson? …I’ll get back to you after tomorrow.
​Happy Steam Sale!
-The Dungeon Dame
<![CDATA[Dear Geek Girls, Inc.]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2015 11:17:01 GMThttp://www.geekgirlsinc.com/advice/dear-geek-girls-inc1Dear Geek Girls Inc.

Fall and the upcoming holidays always makes me think of Harry Potter. I re-read and re-watch them all almost every year - it is one of my very favorite things. (I am so getting the coloring book you featured the other day!)

I'm a mom, and I saw that some of you are too, so I wondered if you have any advice for me. Now that my kids are getting older - one is 6 and one is 9 - when do you think is a good time to pass along my love of all things Potter?

How did you all handle it with your kids?

We asked all of our geek moms on staff to weigh in on your question. Not a muggle in the bunch... Each child is different, but here is how our wizard moms handled the issue.
Dear Hufflepuffed, Now is the perfect time to start reading aloud the first book in the series as a bedtime story to both of your children. I read THE SORCERER'S STONE to my daughter as nightly chapters when she was 7. By the time she was 8, she wanted to read that book again on her own. I watched the first movie with her when she was about 7, also. Admittedly, I held off about a year for the second film because she had some fears which would have made THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS hard to watch. You know your children best, but your enthusiasm is bound to be contagious. Your kids are probably going to be inspired to love reading through Harry Potter, like so many before.
Lovely, Maria! I probably started a little too young with my kids - a few years ago, one of our local movie theaters was doing one Harry Potter movie a week on Wednesday mornings for $1, so we started reading the books in preparation. My kids were only 5 & 6 at the time, but we listened to the first three audiobooks and saw the movies, but the Deatheaters were a bit scary for them so we stopped there. Now that they are 8 & 9, I am planning to start revisiting Potter and maybe letting them visit Pottermore online! I can't wait for the illustrated version of The Sorcerer's Stone, that will definitely make an appearance in our house around Christmas.
Confession: my memory of this is not entirely clear. She MAY have been 5 or 6 when we saw the 1st movie! But I do know the reading aloud happened in her 1st grade. Harry Potter made her a serious reader. That's the true magic of those books. 
This is Rob, Nic, Katie Beth and me on Halloween 2006. Katie Beth is 7 and Nic is 10 here. Rob cracked himself up in this getup as a Dementor.
My daughters love Harry Potter. We let them watch the first three movies when they were 4 or 5. They even both wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween. They are older now 6 and 7 and they watch all the movies except the last two. We will read the books together sometime soon. They love LOTR too and watch all of those movies and The Hobbit movies.
Hope this helps guides you on your way, Hufflepuffed. Good luck!
The Moms of GGInc.
<![CDATA[Dear Geek Girls Inc.]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 22:33:10 GMThttp://www.geekgirlsinc.com/advice/dear-geek-girls-incSo I've been hearing a lot about Steam. All these people are talking about it, but I don't understand it. What is Steam? What's the fuss all about? Is Steam just for people who develop and play mmo games? How does it work? Should I install Steam? I don't know who to ask without sounding lame.

-Daisy Confused
Dear Daisy,

Technically: Steam is a multi-player platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online.  In simpler terms, Steam is a free program that you download and it works like an app store for games. There are a few advantages to using Steam over traditionally buying single boxed games. It may not be better for everyone, but these are some of the reasons several Geek Girls are users.

  • It’s a very easy way to discover new games

  • Instant purchase, immediate downloading, & no delivery costs.

  • Automatic updates without having to do anything

  • If you buy a game on your Mac and want to play it on your PC (or smart tv), you can usually continue your game there, as if nothing has happened. You just have to re-download the game in the other machine. It's like a game cloud.

  • Socializing, Achievements, Progress… Steam has walkthroughs, chat groups, and developer extras or “game achievements” that you unlock by playing.

  • Steam offers DISCOUNTS.  Often you will get “cheaper” versions of the games or promos that you can take advantage of that you won’t find on another platform.

  • Steam also offers Early Access to newly developed games

  • The ability to trade games with other users and give gifts to your friends.

  • VARIETY: Steam has everything from casual games like mahjong solitaire, to major  multiplayer releases from the top companies.  There is also a staggering collection of indie games that are hard to find elsewhere.

<![CDATA[Dear Geek Girls, Inc.]]>Wed, 20 May 2015 20:26:23 GMThttp://www.geekgirlsinc.com/advice/dear-geek-girlsWe're always ready to give advice on all things geeky.  Here are some of our reader's concerns: